Assignment 2: While try to download : Reports - Download Monthly Report it giving error : 404 [Routes]. Report not available means it give correct error message(No Report available for the year). I think report available for TaxId-FR329083, Month-6, Year-2017 but it not downloading how to resolve it. Please help me…


Try to reset your test data.


I reset the test data then also it giving same error. - Error - 404 [Routes]


Strange try to change the browser or manually?

@Stefan_Vrabie - any ideas mate? :slight_smile:


I tried with manually also same error.


Try to reset data using Internet Explorer.


Hi Stefan,

Reset Your test data from User Option under acme dashboard.


I done the same then also - 404 [Routes]. Please give me any other suggestion.


I have the same problem. Did you find the solution yet?


I also have the same problem.
Do you have to solution yet?


Not really. I did not do anything, but tried to run the robot a few more times, and it never occurred to me again. Not sure what caused this problem. Sorry :frowning:


Facing this issue even after reseting the test data.After reseting test data it works for sometime and again same error.


Try resetting data and clearing the queue



What does the 1253 directory indicates?
when i tried to get from the POSTMAN rest api i got the result uri and able to download.


Hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue: