Generate Yearly Report- ACME application 404 error

Hi All,
ACME application is throwing 404 Route error after clicking on Download Report button?. Can anybody pls help me.


Hi @VenkatDurbha,

Can you try this URL?

See if this works for you


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okay let me check. :slight_smile: but…who did you got this URL?

i tried using the above link, but still facing the same issue. When i click on Download reports button…it is throwing the same error and am facing the issue only in IE browser; in Chrome is working absolutely fine. :frowning:

Then you might just have to weight:sweat_smile:

really, am so pissed off with “Generate Yearly Report” everyday am some or the other issue. Process is so huge and it takes lot and lots of time to execute. Meanwhile something or the other will happen :frowning:

yea buddy, i can understand the pain.:neutral_face:
I don’t remember how many times I ran that.
The same has happened with me, then finally i did that the next day.

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:frowning: i have been today the same from one week. :sweat_smile:

Maybe you’d be on luck tomorrow. So, sleep well and try next day :zzz: :sleeping:
404 problem could be from there end

Ya… :frowning: @loginerror Please help me to resolve the issue.

Hi @VenkatDurbha,

It seems that problem is from server end but try once after clearing the cache of the browser though.
This problem has come quite a few times, check the below discussion Academy 2: While try to download : Reports - Download Monthly Report it giving error : 404 [Routes]. Report not available means it give correct error message(No Report available for the year). I think report available for TaxId-FR329083, Month-6, Year-2017 but it not downloading how to resolve it. Please help me…

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