Html report (created by Studio) NOT generated in Orchestrator


I am creating an html file in a workflow.
When I run the workflow in studio I can see the file generated.
However, If I publish this package and run the process the Orchestrator I do not see the html file created.

Attach is a sample.

ThanksMain.xaml (3.6 KB)

Your workflow is generating the sample.html file in a relative path. This means that when you run it from Orchestrator the Robot it connects to (eg, your Attended robot) has the package deployed and it is then generating the file relative from that deployed location.


Your sample.html file is most likely being generated inside the \net45\ folder, since that is the relative location for the process.

What you want to do is either set an absolute path to create the file at, or provide an absolute path to start from and then go relative from that.


Perfect @Lewis_G,
It works.


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