Orchestrator generates Reports or Not

The process is generating .html and .xml reports through studio but not through Orchestrator. Is Orchestrator generates .html and .xml reports or not.

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Do you mean you want to download orchestrator logs ?

logs will be in excel sheet but I want orchestrator should generate it in .html format as Studio creates. Is that possible or not?

I added testReportGenerator Activity in process. What I am trying to do is i am running process through jenkins, It is running the process fine, now i want to publish that report in jenkins. Can you help me out @lakshman .


Yes we can download the logs in excel file. As of now we don’t have any option to download it in .html format and all.

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yes you can download in .csv file format


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you are always welcome

I am using Curl to create the process automatically through jenkins but every next day it won’t work. may be token will expires. is there any way to create process in Orchestrator automatically through Jenkins? I checked for jenkins plugin but it is only supports deploy and packaging.

You would need to refresh the the token each time it expires. Are you speaking of the OAuth token to authenticate with the Cloud Orchestrator or are you referring to the Bearer Token after you are already authenticated to Cloud or Enterprise Orchestrator?

The OAuth token is good for 24hrs while by default the Bearer token is good for 30 minutes. So refreshing either token would have to be built into the pipeline you are using in Jenkins.


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