Howto add the value in excel

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I am new to uipath
I want to add the value like(1.18) externally to existing value(1000) in excel.

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Hi mate,

You want to overwrite value to (1.18) to existing value 1000?

thanks for replay

no I want to dived the value 1000 by 1.18

sorry divided


Can you share your excel screenshot and value required to compute?


As per my understanding,
if value is abc then required value is abc1.18
if pqr then pqr1.18
If my assumption is right then use below code:
First use Read Range activity to read all excel value(dt1 datatable type) and use one more Read Range Activity to read all excel (dt2 datatable type)
use clear data table activity to clear dt2 table
use For Each Row activity and used dt1 here and give indexnum also in index
inside this use add data row with dt2 table & condition like {row(0).tostring+“1.18”}
then finally used Write range workbook activity outside For Each Row
for write in excel using dt2 table

Let me know if any doubt

Happy Automation!

Thanks for reply,

Sorry for late reply,
I did basic recording for that value add to excel the problem is completed.
But I need to take the variable from workflow-1 to another workflow.
suggest me for this case.


Variable can’t work from one flow to another

Use arguments, for doing the same

Hope this helps you


ok, tk u

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