Uipath receipt & Invoice AI

Hi all , am using uipath AI to extract invoice details & i its working fine but the thing is i need to add a new coloumn on it as a Filename by using taxnomy manager 've added the coloumn name but am not getting respective value in that cell , i 've took the file name from directory & holded in variable .
now i want to place that file name in that cell.

what should i do to place file name here?



Use Build DataTable activity to create DataTable and then use Add DataRow activity to add data to DataTable and then finally use Write Range activity to write into Excel file.

Pass Array Row value as below in Add DataRow activity.

       {"Value1","Value2",...."Value N"}

Thanks for fast response @lakshman , are we need to use Build DataTable ? by using below steps itself i got header as filename

if am wrong please attach me your flow by that i get clear idea.

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Ok but how you are passing file name in this ?

that’s what i don’t know how to pass the file name :frowning:
if i want to add Build DataTable after this taxonomy manager flow ah ?

If we have added the new column and if our intention is to add a new value to that column, may I know why do we need the value of that cell as anyhow we are going to assign it with a New Value

Then to assign value it is best to go with ASSIGN or ADD DATAROW activity or WRITE CELL activity if we are trying to assign a value to a single cell
Because Build datatable activity can be used and can be entered with value while creation itself but every time it creates a new Datatable when used
So that will be a problem when data added at multiple places

So with ASSIGN activity we can mention like this if we are known with the cell position
Datatable.Rows(rowindex)(columnindex) = “your value”

Where both rowindex and columnindex starts from 0 for first row and first column

Or with WRITE CELL activity
We can mention the cell position as “L2” and the value as string input

Or with Add Datarow activity

Cheers @naveen19

here my concern is already am having DT which is generated by invoice AI by the existing one itself how to add these changes ?

Awesome then we can directly use a ASSIGN ACTIVITY like this in a assign activity

Datatable.Rows(Datatable.Rows.Count-1)(columnindex) = “your value”

So what this does is for each time when a row is added without any value for that specific column in the datatable this assign activity will place that value to that cell
Cheers @naveen19

@Palaniyappan here your trying to say your value is which am holding filename right ?

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I am just Testing it out Invoice ai …iam not getting the point for every run it is asking me for validatin … Can some one please help me on this @naveen19 @Palaniyappan]

May I know the issue you were facing @Vijay_RPA

I was testing out invoices … But for every run it is taking me to the uipath validation …How can get through this

I didn’t get this buddy
Kindly elaborate a bit more pls
Cheers @Vijay_RPA

I am trying to extract the invoice fields and had workflow given by uipath . running it . when i am running the workflow it is going for validation sation. For first time i obeyed with concept of training the bot But for second time Also …it is going for validation station …Not getting this how many times i have to train the bot

hi @Vijay_RPA ur using DataExtraction - ML Extractor - Demo - Copy.zip (229.8 KB) which ur downloaded by uipath assist right !
so it will ask us to validate the extracted data :slight_smile:
if ur implementing this code in your project it wont ask to validate it directly extract value so dont worry :slight_smile:Hope u got my point.

Naveen :slight_smile:

Ok then Will create on my OWN :slight_smile: …Thanks alot …

Hi @naveen19 … I just tried with creating new work flow . But it is asking me for validation for every PDF even though those are in Same format :frowning:

Am sorry for late reply @Vijay_RPA let me check & catch u on tomorrow.

No issues Brodha … Ca you please mail me the sample workflow you did rpavijaybp@gmail.com

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