To update data in excel sheet

Hello, I am new to UiPath.
Can someone provide a solution for the following:

Excel sheet has data in Cell C1, C2 and C3
I need to
1)decrease the value in Cell C1 by one , updated value should be 10.
2)decrease the value in Cell C2 by one, updated value should be 9.
3)value in Cell C3 = C1-C2 , need to use the updated values of C1 and C2 from #1 and #2 above.

I used read range activity to get the data into a data table.
not sure how to perform the data manipulation in the data table to update the values.
update c1-c3

appreciate any help.

Hi @rajap

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While reading the excel file what is the range that you have provided, or how many cols are there in your data table variable.

If there are 3 cols in your data table variable, then-

  1. inputDT.Rows(0).item(2) = CInt(inputDT.Rows(0).item(2))-1

  2. inputDT.Rows(1).item(2) = CInt(inputDT.Rows(1).item(2))-1

  3. inputDT.Rows(2).item(2) = CInt(inputDT.Rows(1).item(2))-CInt(inputDT.Rows(0).item(2))


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