Change value in data table lead to error in excel


I am changing values in an existing data table and write this data table to another sheet

However, after I assign 1.1 to my variable, I expect the data wrote into the excel format is number, but uipath write text as number into my excel, leading to my problem that formulas cannot work.



in my code, I set the value that need to be changed to datatable as Generic Value, and assign:

variable = 1.1


and change value in the datatable like this


Any idea?


I think you have 2 possibilities here, in uipath you can convert the generic value to double, or when the value is appended in excel you can use =NUMBERVALUE(var)

Hi @jingwang0222, @matthias.sevenant,
In this case second option is better I think as Write Cell / Write Range needs to have String to be able to provide it to an excel sheet.

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Hi Thanks it works.

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