How will i allow click on a popup on UI path studio web (Cloud)?


Are you trying to upload a file? So are you trying to store the file on storage bucket and getting it to the bot? Because on studio web you cannot access local fiels

I was more talking on downloading the file.

May be someone might help you with this… Let me also try this… Never tried an upload of file on studio web


Hello @Arvind_Karthigayan
Instead of selecting the file, enter the file path with filename extension in the File name search bar and click open

Its not allowing me to click on the popup itself - Studio Web

@Arvind_Karthigayan , Try to use Attach window activity and place the click activity in it.

Any solution ?

Not able to upload a file to browser in studio web…As the web studio (serverless) is not allowing me to indicate element on the file upload popup (Application browser not found)…No solution found regarding the above from past 5 days

Hi @Arvind_Karthigayan

I’ve merged all your topics and posts about this problem into one topic to only have to reply in one place. But in general, there is really no need to post multiple times about the same issue :sweat_smile:

As to the issue itself - I will ask my colleague in charge of UIAutomation for advise here. As I understand, clicking on something on the website opens the Windows file picker, and because SW cannot currently access that window it will simply not work. It can be considered as a limitation for now.

As a workaround, you can use the Studio Desktop to achieve this automation.


Not yet…As @loginerror mentioned lets wait for enhacement from team


@Arvind_Karthigayan you will not be able to upload a file from your desktop application.

StudioWeb works only with cloud applications. The browser window is a native one, belonging to your desktop, not to the web application itself. Thus, you cannot select anything within it, as it’s not in the browser’s viewport. Mind that the automation execution is going to be done in Cloud, where there is no access to your own computer.

If you want to work with files in StudioWeb, you need to work with your files in Cloud: GDrive, Sharepoint, etc. SW offers such activities and you can use them to manipulate files in your automation: download, upload.

Hope this helps.