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hello to all.
if i use studio web then i can only use cloud app like google drive but is it possible to get values from another web page?
because i cannot see activity like open browser or click or even get text.
is it because studio web is growing or it is because studio web will never use such activitys?
thank you to all


Welcome back to our UiPath community.

Yes it will work in the cloud applications but not with local system applications as of now.

Hi @Antonio_Campos1

For now, you can:

  • connect to other services with our integration service
  • use http request activity to interact with websites and/or api endpoints
  • publish your process and run it from a connecter machine assistant to access your local files (only possible on runtime)

With all those areas we will make significant improvements in the future, the most major one to mention would be an addition of ui automaiton.

thank you for your quickly reply…
i’ll continue to use anyway…
thank you !!!

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