Not able to upload a file using upload button of webpage

I am not able to upload a file using upload button of webpage. Does anyone have faced this similar issue or if someone have achieved this file upload successfully please let me know.

What is the error, not being able to click on the button ? please try to explore the button with UiExplorer and let us know the results.

Hi @beesheep,

I got the solution and now its working fine. There was some issue with position x,y which was opening up the upload windows dialog.

Hi @viraj_thakrar can you pls share your solution. I have a requirement where I need to click a button in webpage->upload the image->process other steps. Usually for input fields we have option of giving values but here I see window dialog box and missing the option of adding the filepath. Please let me know how this can be accomplished. Thanks!

Please attach the screenshot or provide link to the page you are referring to

@Sunil_Kumar thanks for responding, screencast link:2017-11-17_0746