How to select file from a download Window Prompt

I’m trying to automate a process that navigates to a web page, clicks an option (‘select file’ for example) that presents the Chrome File dialogue, then select a file OR type file address in file name property and selects ok.

The problem I have is Studio Web is not recognising the File dialogue and thus cannot interact with the files.

In addition to the above just general access to local files seems to be a problem i.e. using Path Exists on a file that exists in my C: Drive returns a ‘directory not found’ error as it is appending a \tmp******\C:FilePathInQuestion.

So questions are:

  1. How do you handle a file selection window
  2. How do you access local resources

Hi @ScottN1

Use the use application/bowser activity and indicate the pop up window and do the necessary actions within that use application/browser container.

Once the pop up window is opened type the full path in the search field and then click on buttons so that the required file will be opened.

Modify the setting for the use application/ browser so that the window prompt opens for only once.


Hi @vrdabberu ,

Unfortunately those activities are not available in Studio Web


In that case use

Use browser activity


@vrdabberu unfortunately still not a solution as I’ve already tried.

The activity does not recognise the ‘Select File’ window as a scope, so thus cannot be selected.

I mean going to a website and having to upload a file from your local drive is a very common task i.e. any website that requires proof of identity for example.

Here’s an example that you can create to see my dilemma using Stuido Web.

Try to build an automation that uploads a file to an Orchestrator Storage Bucket ONLY using UI automation in Studio Web.

This is where the process ultimately falls apart because you cannot interact with this window.

I believe it should be possible to get the file from OneDrive, safe it in a variable and go that way, have you tried that?

Hi @iamNairda ,

Yeah unfortunately we know that this is possible using cloud based storage. The specific ask is to use local files.

In Studio Web there are activities that suggest you should be able to use local files but I can’t get them to work. Always states file not found at path /tmp/guid/actual local path

Obviously the path it comes back doesn’t work because it adds an extra tmp path.

Are you using Studio Web in the UiPath Platform?

I believe when I tried to create something for Studio Web I thought it was easier to do in Studio (just select cross-platform process).

For this exercise I’m using Studio Web as it’s part of a citizen dev program I’m working on. CD’s won’t have access to Studio.

I can do this in Studio no problem :smiley:

We’re trying to establish if Studio Web is fit for purpose to allow non tech teams to create simple automations. Manipulating local file data would be a core objective for the CD’s.

Intresting take, I haven’t tried around too much with local files… but Studio Web sure is usefull for it automation. I wanted to try that either way, so I’ll see if I can complete the rpa-challenge by downloading the .xlsx file and re-use from Studio Web. Not sure if that works though…

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