How we can extract checkbox/radio button using Document understanding AI centre?

Hi, I am able to define taxonomy and extract trained data using out of the box ML packages. Can anyone please refer to how we can extract information out of PDF files using AI ML document understanding? TIA

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@mustak.rased - You need to define the taxonomy based on your needs. it doesnt relate with the package you use. Once you define the taxonomy, you can map the ML defined fields in to the fields which you have defined in your taxonomy. hope it clarifies your question. Happy Automating.

Hi @Pradeep.Robot . Thank you for your reply. For the checkbox fields, we have used boolean in taxonomy and Y/✓ in the template definition. But no solution for the radio button.

Got it, i see it is not mentioned in your question as well. I understand how the taxonomy works with synonyms. Radio button is interesting, if its just 2 or three values u can check for isField1 as Y/N and similarly for other 2 and use case statements inside it. i don see any specific way to extract radio buttons within the Document understanding process too. May be @Lahiru.Fernando can provide a suggestions to it.

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HI @Pradeep.Robot @mustak.rased

Agree with you guys… As of now, there no specific way that I also see to easily do this. But I believe you can work on a bit of regex to capture this. Once you digitize, and give the output to validation station, see the text version of the document.
In there, see how the radio button is represented and what character/ symbol is used. based on that I believe you can build a pattern that you can apply regex on.

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@Pradeep.Robot @Lahiru.Fernando Thank you for suggesting workarounds. I will try this solutions and update you.


Hi, If it got fixed can you please share solution?


to solve this, you need to label the checkboxes either with separate field or multi-valued field in document manager. This is a new improvement and UiPath has a tutorial on how to do it in the following link. Good luck!