Hoe extract check box values from from extractors

i have a PDF with some radio buttons like
button- experienced, button- fresher
Checkbox- male, Checkbox-female

i was tring to automate the PDF and i need those values how can i do that in taxonomy what should i give the variable type boolen or what and in how to extract the details of check and radio button

Hello :slight_smile:

You could try setting them up as Booleans in the taxonomy and then using Form extractor (you can find more info about it here: Form Extractor)

@Anca_Bolca if u dont mind do u have any example flows please :pray:

I have radio buttons like this

You can find here a guide on how to get started: Introduction
This gives you the overall image of how Document Understanding works.
As for an example workflow I would recommend the academy course called UiPath Document Understanding Overview. There is a section called Practice - Setting up the Extractors which contains an example workflow with the extractors. You can modify it to fit your scenario and give it the documents you want :slight_smile: and see which performs better for your particular case

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