How to write the contents of excel into email message body without loosing table formats



Hi folks,

I have a requirement where I need to read the data from excel and send that content in a email. How can I achieve this without loosing the table structures. Can somebody please help me on this.

  1. Read the excel file and stored in datatable output
  2. Used output datatable activity and stored the output into string variable
  3. Used this string varaible into email message body but I see the format of the table will go with this approach.

Vishal Kumar


Hey there,
If your looking to keep the format then best thing is to do is use Clipboard (copy and paste to outlook body from excel ) by Ui Automation.

If Your just looking for tabular structure data here is a best example.


Hey Vishal,

were you able to achieve the formatting portion? Do share your thoughts and solution.



Hey Joshikumarav,

I have constructed a html file and I am passing this to email body and I could get the table format

Vishal Kumar


Hi Vishal,
Can you share the file in which u have executed this. I want it for reference


Hi @suda_amir,

Please find the attached workflow for reference.

Vishal (12.9 KB)


Thanks bro. I have seen your code. My table is quite complex to be done this way



Could you share the sample table in a excel file.

Vishal Kumar


Hi @vishal.kumar

Image of the Excel table

Everything is dynamic in this table(including colours)


Hello You can download package and use exceldata activity.


Download and install package, use exceldata to htmlstr (with formats) activity.


Can u send me a working sample of it?


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Got You. Yay!!!