How to copy content of excel sheet to email body

I need help with copying excel content to email body.
Example is below


The colour and format must be the same like in excel file…

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic Try this package

and use the activity HTML table from Excel



You can create a table in HTML. Add the data of your datatable and in the SMTP activity, choose the option “HTML BODY”.

@Olivera_Kalinic Try reading the excel data to data table and from there you paste that in mail body

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic,

You can use the create html content activity. Read the Excel and insert it as a table. Look at the string html output of the table you added and update the style fields as desired.



I tried to use this package, but when I tried to send result string though email, as you explained, I am getting something like this

Do you have any idea why is it happening? Should I set some other property?

Show the properties @Olivera_Kalinic

Have you checked the is body html in send mail activity? @Olivera_Kalinic

Great, thank you.

Do you know how to extract the exact range from excel table?

Why don’t you try using UiPath own activity instead of 3rd part solutions.

Maybe I’m missing something, but how to add file from which I will use data to complete HTML body?

Hello @Olivera_Kalinic

If you create the html template in a text file, then you need to read the text file file read text file activity and then put that output variable to the body of the email activity. Also make sure you are enabling IsHtml PROPERTY OF THE SEND EMAIL ACTIVITY.

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic,

You can follow this video.It also shows adding any variables and tables.

First, read the excel and import it into a table. Add it to the table as in the video. Try testing and if you get an error, let us know.


Ok, I tried this and it works OK, but I have problem with formating.
I have to get table like this

but when I create html from excel, I get this


How can I copy excel table exactly like it looks in excel?

I’ve tried this package nad it works well, but I have problem with pop up “Do you want to save changes…”.
Do you know how can I avoid it?

from my experience, it’s Table problem,
you should convert Table to range, than use this activity, it should be work.

but I have another problem, seems this activity can not exact copy format to html, especially on Date format,
when my data contains Date format, activity will convert date format to text format,
from 12/20/2022 10:08
to 44915.4224421296