How do i copy and paste table from excel to outlook email body?

Hi guys, im not sure how do i copy table from excel sheet to paste into the outlook email body. Since im using the send outlook mail message how do i do that? Do i need to convert my excel file to html?

Below is just a reference of how its gonna flow but i still need to send a table with data out to the companies


you could use any of these two packages,

It will read data from excel and convert into html table (with cell color and font color)

It has the activity called convert to html table (datatable to html table)

Pass html table string we are getting from the activities output to send outlook mail message activity and tick isBodyHtml


Please see attachment… that will solve your requirement.
_Test.xaml (14.3 KB)


How do i go about to put the data in the body? im quite lost lol
Also i have declared ExcelDT as a data table is it correct?

Assign some variable to convert to Html table output property,

and then pass the variable to body of send outlook mail message activity

Ohh got it to work already thanks its very nice

Thank you , if the issue is resolved please mark it as solution so it will help others as well…

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