Datatable, Exceldata\sheet\range with formats, ExcelChart, Img to HTML String for email body.

Package: AtrimalActivitiesPack
Author: @Atrimal

How to write the contents of excel into email message body without loosing table formats

How to use Sample Workflow file AtrimalActivityPack(Autosaved).xaml (8.3 KB)


I can’t open with 1.0.35.
Do we have the new version format? / Thanks in Adv.


What needs to go into htmlTitle?


Same here


html title may be any string a “Header”, for eg. “Action Required” with excel table rows.
In this case “Action Required” will be in middle and Bold with higher font.


Can you please upload an example ?


hi Atrimal, can you please share the example how to use this activites? as for now after i install you package, still can’t open your workflow.