How to write in a particular excel cell

In the A column of excel i have different numbers. For eg

I need to search a particular number, say “32490” and write found in the cell B2 which is next to the particular number. how can i do it. please help

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Hi @karan_kapoor1,

Please find the steps below.

  1. Build the data table with two columns - ID, ExistsOrNot.
  2. Read the excel file which contains the data you have mentioned.
  3. Loop through the datetable which contains the records.
  4. Use If Condition, Check whether the item is matches with item you have to match.
  5. Add the ID and Found or Not based on the IF Condition.

Warm Regards,
Ranjith Udayakumar

Hi @karan_kapoor1,

To search the text inside excel you can use the “Find” Activity. It will return the cellinfo and row index.

Video demonstration.

Thank you