Find and replace string in whole excel file

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I have an excel file, in which i wanted to find and replace string value this “-” with empty value or 0 and also text “Grade” with names A1,A2,A3 or Grade1,Grade2…so on.

Please help me, i can find and replace particular column by giving row(“item”).
but whole excel how to find and replacesample11.xlsx (14.9 KB)
i dont know.

Hot key? Open excel send hot key to bring up find & replace then ‘type into’ twice for find and then replace, then based on number of tabs to move to replace all and finally send hot key ‘enter’

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@manohar please Flowchart.xaml (46.4 KB) refer the attached workflow.

If you use read range to read the data from that file you will get an error like

“Read Range: A column named ‘Grade’ already belongs to this DataTable.” Because the table contains no.of columns with column name Grade.

And refer below post change data table column name(Single column)
.How to change the datatable column sequence

Thanks for the solution.

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The below package contains the activity called “Find Replace”. It find and replace the text inside the excel sheet.