Find the perticular data in excel sheet

how to find the data from an excel sheet for an example I will tell, in chatbot the users are asking some questions. that we have to read and search that particular data what we stored in excel & again we have to send data to users. how to do?

can anyone help me?

Hi @Chethan_P,

Here is an activity called "Find " that find the text in the excel and return the cellinfo and row index.

Thank you

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Well this is very cool.

Read your excel file and apply this logic on your column where you have this particular transcript.

This is one the way of doing what you are trying to achievve.

Hope this helps you.
Assuming you have a dt as datatable.

Response=(from dr as datarow in dt where dr.item("Transcript column name").tostring.trim.contains(UserInputKeyWords) select dr)(0)("Transcript column name")

The above line of code will give you first result that matches your criteria defined by user.

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Thanks can you explain I didn’t get that