How to get cell number in excel?

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How to get cell number in excel ?

For example, I search by the contents of the text and find the cell. And I need to write down the number of this cell



GetCellNo.xaml (5.4 KB) test.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Sample attached…!

You have to give your excel file path, sheet name, search value. Then test it.


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In this case create an array of string variable Columns = ("A","B","C",..., "AZ") .

When using Write Cell you will set the cell to

`Columns(0)` will return "A"
`Columns(1)` will return "B"
and so on

Everything is parametric now.


Refer:CELL_No.xaml (5.5 KB)Name.xlsx (10.2 KB)

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Works perfect! thanks for show this activity :wink:

Hi @Aibek_Abubakirov,

To search the content in excel you can use the activity called “Find”. It will return the cellinfo and row index.

Video demonstration