How to write extracted data in particular row of excel

Hi all,

Data extracted and writing in excel file but its not writing in specific row.
Say I have 2 rows of data 1st row is header and next 2 rows are extracted data.
Column D is my extracted data column, it should write on D2 and D3 but its writing on D4 & D5.

write range is inside for each loop.
And i have used 2 read range. 1 is Dt-temp, another is Input_DT.
{“”,“”,“”,GetText_EN.Trim.ToString} => array row.

What changes i need to do, please help.



Have you checked the data table before writing it in to excel?

Are we getting the data in the D2 and D3?

Use Output DataTable and pass the input as extractedDataTable and output as String…

Now you can use Write text file activity and check whether it is extracting the data or not?


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Data is extracting perfectly, but writing on D4 , D5 where D2, D3 are blank


Hey ,

You want to write for particular Column with particular cell then you can use write cell activity
and you can set the counter for each column.

It will work


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You can use the For Each Row in Data Table activity to iterate through each row of the table in which you want to insert the extracted data

Inside the For Each Row Scope use the assign activity to provide the extracted value to the respective column


Use the Write Range Activity to write the data table to the excel file

Refer the xaml

WriteExtractedDataInRow.xaml (8.7 KB)

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Its working now. @kumar.varun2 , thanks for providing solution.


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