How to write the extracted web data into excel?


I am facing an issue while writing the extracted data into excel. Its taking each cell for each word and overwriting into the same cells for every iteration. I have used the get text activity and generate data table activity and write range activities.


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Hey can you check output after generate datatable activity in debug mode, i think your dt is not getting generated properly.

Paste a screenshot with properties and output, so can i guide you specifically

I used a message box, in it showing properly but not writing into the excel.

Have you tried with both Modern n Classic design activities for excel ?

yes i have dont it. but not writing properly

Hi @raju_alakuntla

Check these stuffs

Hope you might get some insights


If you are trying to extract in a loop…then you have to use append range…write range will replace the data


Hi @raju_alakuntla

Try this-

  1. Firstly Generate a DataTable before the loop begins.
  2. Within the loop, use the Add Data Row activity to add each extracted data as a new row to the DataTable.
  3. After the loop completes, use the Write Range activity to write the entire DataTable to the Excel file. This activity will write the DataTable’s data into separate cells in the Excel file.


What can we give in add data row like “ArrayRow”, “Data Row”