How can we write the extracted data into the individual cell of the excel sheet

In a scenario I extracted some data from a website where it has some data in it using “Table exteraction” activity So when i declare the “Extracteddatatabel” variable in the write range work book the whole data is being written in only one that’s the first cell of the excel sheet

So now! How do i get the data into individual cell in a coloumn
eg: col1 col2
Row1 ‘A1’
Row2 ‘A2’


You can use following steps

  1. Use the “Data Scraping” activity to extract data from a website and store it in a DataTable variable (e.g., “ExtractedDataTable”).

  2. Assign rowNumber = 1 (Initialize the row counter)

  3. For Each Row in ExtractedDataTable
    Write Cell activity

    • Cell: “A” + rowNumber (This will write data to cells in column A, incrementing the row number each time)
    • Value: row(“ColumnName”).ToString()
      (Replace “ColumnName” with the actual column name you want to write)
    • WorkbookPath: “path_to_your_excel_file.xlsx”
    • SheetName: “Sheet1” ( Replace with your sheet name)
    • Overwrite: True ( Set this to True if you want to overwrite existing data)

    Assign rowNumber = rowNumber + 1 (Increment the row counter)


Ideally it would write in all the cells

Would recommend to check and make sure you are performing these

  1. Use WRITE RANGE WORKBOOK activity
  2. Enable add headers property in the property panel
  3. Pass the datatable extracted as input
  4. Mention as “A1” in the cell range so that it starts to write from first cell

Cheers @Nithin_Thatikonda


One cause might be when extracting data all the data might be coming as one…please re indicate it in table extraction properly