How to write data to excel after reading data related to a queue item from website?

Hello there,

I am trying to achieve the below but could not figure out how to write the data to excel after the previous activities. Appreciate help in resolving this.

  1. Using For Each loop to read data from set of excel files one by one
  2. Add data read to queue
  3. Read queue entries through Get Queue Items & Get Transaction Item, pick related data from a website and update status of txn item
  4. Write this data to a new excel in a different path
  5. Email this excel to client
  6. The for loop continues to next excel

Need help in performing steps 4 & 5. Thanks in advance.



Either you can write the queue data to a Datatable and use Write Range Activity to write to Excel

If not you can use a Write cell activity

Hope this helps you


@ksrinu070184 Thank you for the response.

The data read from the website be written back to queue? Is this what you mean? If yes, I am not sure how to achieve updating data in the queue. Any activity that can help in achieving this? Could you assist please.

Regarding using Write Cell, each excel will have different number of rows. Couldn’t figure how the increment can be done using write cell, as the the row constant should keep changing for every excel.

Could someone assist me here please