Write queueitems to excel

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I need to write the transactionitems, which are processed today from the queue to excel.

Basicly i need the reference and status of the item. Could you provide me with an example. I tried the solution seen below, but cant figure how to configure the ‘arrayrow’ in the ‘add to queue’ activity. I get the error ‘Add Data Row: The given key was not present in the dictionary’

Alternatively how could i write the status report similar to the one you can export with the export button in orchestrator

my example:
QtoExcel.zip (496.7 KB)


  1. Build DataTable
  2. Get Queue Items
  3. For Each
    3.1 Add Data Row (use property Array Row like this { QueueItem.Reference, QueueItem.Status }
  4. Write Range

hi @bcorrea

Thank you for the answer

Maybe i dont get it, but i still get an error on array row

the error is:


that was an example, in your case will be item.Reference, item.Status and you need to change the type for the loop to QueueItem

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