How to write the data to excel after completing the all the transaction coming from queue

Hi all I need to write the status of the each transaction after completing the all the transaction at single time in the excel.

I want write the data on to the excel for each transaction status is ok or not ok

At a time how can I able to write on the excel…

Hi ,

you can try to write each of the statuses in each queues ,
i suggest dont write after all queues is over ,
but write the status each time queues run


Thanks for your work

My question is a data in the excel is uploaded into the queue

So in Excel there is column called status…

So i want to fill the status column with “ok” or “not ok” for each transaction…

So if we use write cell activity it may be chances to courupt the excel file…

So in this case what I need it is so take the transaction status is ok or not ok in a data table and write it in the excel after completing all data processing…

Is there any way to do the work…

Hello @chandolusathi.kumar ,

You can perform the following actions to achieve this:

  1. Use read range and read the Excel file In Init Part and store data in Data Table variable
  2. For each Transaction in Set transaction status update the Status column for that particular transaction matching with the data in your Data Table
  3. In End Process state You can write back the Data Table to your excel. So excel will be having updated Status column along with all the other data.

Hope this helps!


I am doing this using performer and Dispatcher…

So retrieving data from queue and processing the data…

So for example if the first transaction is processed i need to check some conditions and then needs to update the status column which is in the excel file…

How can I do it…

Hi @chandolusathi.kumar - Even if you are doing this using dispatcher and performer you can do it as said above.

  1. In performer Init part read the excel file which you have used in dispatcher.
  2. In Set Transaction Status use filtering condition to filter out the data table and get the row which is getting processed now from queue and update the status column of it.
  3. In End Process write back the Data table to same excel, this time some rows will have “Status” column updated.


so could you please help me how to do this procee as you explained above by giving some pictures of it…

Hello @chandolusathi.kumar , Try this method

  1. Get Queue items
    2.Build data table, to create your DT.
  2. In for Each, Pass the Get Queue items Variable. In which you can Get the transaction and Set the transaction detail. Using Add data row you can add details into DT
    4.Loop the Data table using the For each data table.
  3. Using Assign , you can change the Current row column status in data table, Finally write into Excel Sheets.

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