How can i write my queue data to excel


I am checking this condition if my condition is true then
I have to write all queue data which i extracted before and excel data colunm value colunm are eligibilty and details so i have to write all those data to new excel that excel name is tracker excel

plz help me out

Hi @Sandhya_Gajare

You can try with Add Data row activity. Add all the data that you want to add in the excel.

Outside the for each row in DataTable Loop

Use Write range activity


Hello @Sandhya_Gajare

You can ise Builddatatable and create a new datatable.
You can use Get Transaction Item, then get the value from the Queue and the use an if condition to check the rule as required.

In the Then part use Add Data row activity and add that to a datatable which you already created.

After that you can use write range and write to an excel.


plz help me out with this