How to watch unattended robot execution

Hi Everybody

I’m sure almost everybody has some problems watching the execution of a process on the unattended robot. I want to share a workaround for this. You can connect to RDP session as shadow just follow these steps.

  1. Open command prompt from a machine with a user that has admin rights on the unattended robot
  2. run this command by replacing RobotServerName as the machine name of unattended robot:
    query session /server:RobotServerName
  3. Record the active session id from the list probably there will be only one active : <activesession_id>
  4. run this command : mstsc /V:RobotServerName /shadow:<activesession_id> /noConsentPrompt

You should now be able to see the execution of process


Hi @ygulas,
Nice :slight_smile: I just want to add that for simple thing like overview on robot or job he’s doing it can be Take Screenshot activity used as well :slight_smile:

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Sure but that you need to put this activity everywhere the method I write is especially useful for viewing processes in production.


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