View unattended robot execution from a remote console


Is there any way I can see an unattended bot being executed from remote console. Since the process is deployed on orchestrator and is being executed from there as soon as the bot starts it logs out from the remote conole.

I need to have this as my bot is failing to execute some process hence I need to find out where it is failing.


Is it possible for you to connect the remote console, if yes then connect and check with the same BOT login id.

Else try to implement activity by activity text log write into a text file, so that you can identify after which activity get failed.

Else try with take screen shot for all the actions in the process, so that it will be consider as a screen recording for all the action performed by the BOT, so you can identify the issue.

Hi ,
You can create an Execution Log report
If your process is processing few transactions from a input file
Then in the code you can create a Datatable with required columns which will be having Transaction Numbers from the Input file And Error Details for each Transaction where it will be writing
Exception. message And another column having details of from where it is throwing the Error Exception.Source()
At the end of the process , you can send this as output file

I can use these method but was just checking if we could see the process while its executing