RDP session gets set to console unexpectedly

I’m not sure if this is a windows issue, a UiPath issue, or both.

I have two unattended robots. Both are set as ‘login to console’ = no.

If I RDP to the server using mstsc /admin as the robot user while a process is running I can see the process, but after doing that the process is left as a console process. For some reason this also prevents processes from running on the second robot, even though neither are set to use the console.

You have to LOG OUT of the RDP session. Don’t just close the RDP window.

I can’t log out as the process is a long-running one and logging out would kill it?

You shouldn’t be logging into the session in the first place. Log into it, then log out of it.

Now start your job and leave it alone.

Ideally no but sometimes processes need to be observed.

Well that’s why it’s breaking, because you’re interfering with the RDP session.

If you want to observe the process, run it attended.

Not really practical but I agree with you.

what about reading the execution log for process status? If its feasible.