RDP to monitor unattended bot

Hi Masters,

I want to monitor several unattended bots’ execution with war-room-like monitors. However, after I connect to the machine with RDP, a schedules invocation always kick the RDP sessions off. The same thing would happen if the robot finished execution. Is there a way to keep the RDP session open while the robot triggered by schedule? Or are there any other ways can be used for one person monitoring multiple unattended bots?


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Hi @Guang_Yang1,
Basic question is if are you using unattended bots on your user account or separate once. If the second option please also remember that standard Windows license allows only for two RDP sessions simultaneously.

Thanks for the reply Rablito. I am afraid it is the first case, in which robots uses same account as its developer. I never experiment with RDP into the same machine with two different AD user before. Would it allow a RDP session to monitor the robot session if logged in with different credential?


It should work. You could schedule robots on other user account that yours and leave your account logged to monitor them. I think it’s doable.

From my experience, if you are getting kicked off, usually it is because you are using the console. Logontoconsole in UiPath.settings should be “false”, or you can go to the Robot settings in Orchestrator and turn it off there per robot.


Oh also, if the Robot is the one that creates the logon session initially (like if the account is not logged on), then Robot will also try to log it back off again when it is finished. If the user account already has a session but is “disconnected”, then the Robot will not try to log it off again. - from my observation.


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