How to pause automation until required window appears


Can you please advise how to write code until required window populate and then continue to next step, the required window some time will appears 1 hr/2 hr/4 hr? please advise

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well this sounds very new …waiting for 1hr/2hr…
any how we gotta way to handle this hope would help you

you can go activities like on element appear, on image appear or wait image vanish and on element vanish…these elements will wait until a element appears after a set of process in a window, and once its done like once if an element that appears after the process typically, then you can go ahead the automation with activities beneath the above mentioned activities. Kindly mention the time you want in TIMEOUTMS PROPERTY OF EACH ACTIVITY…AND kindly have a look at this properties as well buddy

kindly have a look at this stuffs buddy
you may get an idea

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I will try your suggestion :slight_smile:

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Sure buddy @narasareddykr

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I don’t think on element appear or any wait activities will work in this scenario because the wait time is too long. It is not really feasible to hang a process for hours until a particular element is ready to be processed. The best way to handle this is to have a separate process to perform what ever the tasks that should be done before it appears. And we should develop a separate solution to perform whatever the tasks that should be done after that. So basically you will have two solutions. In the second solution, in the initialization point start off by checking whether the element is available or not. If not available cancel the execution. If element is available run the execution. So once the job starts the continuation depends on the element. This approach will release the resources if the element is not there which makes the system efficient.

So you can basically schedule the task to run time to time so that it will keep on checking whether the element is available or not in the background until it is ready to process.

This is the best way to handle such scenarios. I have developed such systems using this approach and it is one of the reliable and efficient methods to use.

Get the idea?

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Hi @narasareddykr,

i would like to suggest to use the retry scope activity for the required window appears.


Detailed one :slight_smile:

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This is actually a good suggestion. Following this post to know if this works.
Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando


How long is the wait here?
I tried this… not working