How to use write cell excel activity dynamic in For each row

Dear All
how i can use Write cell activity
i read the sheet in data Table then i Append range then i want to copy data from Column C to This new cloumn i used writhe range but it’s very slow due to to much data i want to use Write cell to be fast but it’s not working with me

Hi @Mohamed_Abbas

You could use counter here to increase cell number dynamically.

Please refer below post-


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thanks for your replay
your idea is right if you want to copy past between two Sheet
for my case i want create new column in same sheet (Apeend Range ) and copy Column C and past to this New Column this will be in the Same sheet

Hi @Mohamed_Abbas,

You can do it with auto fill option in excel.
1.Read the excel file in excel application scope.
2.Find the last row number by assigning datatable.Rows.Count +1
3.Write the first cell with value “=Cell id”(from which cell you want to copy)
4.Use select range activity to select the cells, in which you need the copied values.(Range-“first copied cell id:last cell id”)
5.Use ‘Send HotKey’ activity to pass the hotkey “Ctrl+D” to fill the values in the excel table.

Please see the workflow. copy_column.xaml (8.2 KB)
copy_Cell test.xlsx (8.0 KB)

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dear All this i want to do copu column C every day and paste in new column with today date as header

thanks All