How to use Assign activity on Excel?

Instead of using write cell activity, How to use Assign activity to assign data on a particular cells & then i can finally use the write range activity to write the data on Excel

Hi @Praveen_Vs

Loop through each row of datatable

Then use an assign activity inside it

row(columnname)= value

Then outside the loop, use write range activity to write the updated datatable

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We can use Add data row to add the rows to particular column…

We can use Writecell as well

As suggested by the @NIVED_NAMBIAR we can also do in this case

CurrentRow("ColumnName").ToString.Trim = Value



Hello @Praveen_Vs

You want to assign a data to a variable and finally write it to an excel. If it so, then try the attached workflow (9.9 KB)


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Thanks for your answers,
In this attached images I’ve used multiple write cell activity to write data on particular cells on the excel (cells Marked on red), Here each time I need to give filepath,sheetname on write cell.
So can you guys give me a solution for this instead of multiple write cells.

  1. Right-click the cell that contains the information you want to comment on and select New Comment.
  2. Write your comment and type @ followed by the name of the team member you want to tag.
  3. Click the green arrow.
  4. Select the Assign to check box to convert your comment into a task.


Hello @Praveen_Vs

You can do this process with single write cell activity. Please try attached workflow (10.2 KB)

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@ushu Thanks, This is what I’m looking for👍

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