Write cell in excel


I have some data in column X and in Column Y (Cell Y2) i have written some text. I want the same text to be written till the last row upto where the data present in column X. Could somebody please help me on this. Attached the excel screenshot.

Note : The range is dynamic

you want to write 338 upto last row of column x ?

Yes till where the data is present in column X


Use Excel activity and use write cell to write cell y2, then use read range and generate a datatable, then use for each row and insiste dor each row use write cell, y+counter.tostring.

First you need to crate a variable counter type int to increment the value in Counter

1.Use Excel application scope and read your excel sheet using read range activity and save output as dt…and use read cell activity to read Y2.
2. use for each row to iterate dt.
4.then use assign activity…
row(“Y”)=read cell output
5.after for each row…use write range activity.

Thank you both i will try this and get back :slight_smile: