How to write to an existing excel file in specified column and row starting in certain cell and appending further data to this

Just a quick question in regards to cell manipulaiton in Excel

I would like to add information like the instance in the example above

If you want to write into a particular cell, use Write Cell Activity.
If you want to append a range, use Append Range Activity.

Karthik Byggari


you can use write range activity and you set the starting cell.

This is my problem. Using what you have said is not dynamic. I want to be able to open the same document and know which row doesn’t have any elements in from the original row and column I stated. I assume it has something to to in using an expression for the sheetname in where to place the data


That time you can use inside excel application scope activity use append range activity give the data table.

I would like it to go into a specified column, how do I write that? I understand the logic but its more how you put that into the process

You can use Write range activity put the starting cell in the properties where you want to start entering the data.

You will use Append range activity only adding data to a sheet.

random data.xlsx (8.6 KB)

Can you show me adding to the empty gaps please I am a bit unsure how to go about sorry. Just add random data just something to show it works

Main.xaml (6.6 KB)

I hope this will help you.

You can start by using read range, in the project you use add data row and in the end you use write range…

That’s great to start off thanks! It was more how to append dynamically so it checks when there isn’t a value in column B and adds to that one and then iterates through any more. Do appreciate you are sticking through this

I want to make this dynamic where it adds range from first cell without a value in a certain column

as you will have a datatable, you can apply the logic as you want and in the end you write back to excel, overwriting the initial data…

Please look above, I do not want to overwrite the data. I have mentioned this a few times now

im sorry if you cant understand what i mean…

I would just like a way using append to exisiting csv where it uses a while loop where if column B isn’t empty iterate down until empty where it will add a range of values

i understood and what i tried to say is what you need to do…

That means
Did you want to know first check if the row is empty or not. If the row is empty then it will write the data into on that row Right?

yes thats correct, but I would like to start midway down the column if that was possible as the data needs to be entered into a specific area

Please create your own post, so we can understand better what you need.