How to use write cell excel activity dynamic in For each row(Data table)

How to use write cell excel activity dynamic in For each row(Data table). I need to get the cell position from the data table so that I can pass it in cell range.

Please help to sort out this trouble.


You can use IndexOf to get the row number of an item.




Hi, Yes, its working fine. But the cell number from the Data table and Cell number from the excel is same?

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Hi, its worked fine to get the excel cell number by adding two to it.! Thanks.

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am getting error like invalid sheet range.what i supposed to enter in the range field to write data on the excel sheet for every data entry??



Here you need to mention the which column Value need to write
For Ex : "A"+ind.ToString()
Refer the image


Hey, thanks it works

Hi, I am doing something similar. In my workflow, after the condition if there is a particular line then write true for that particular row E cell, instead of writing for that particular cell it writes for all the cells in column E. pLS help. Thank you

need help on this too. similar case I encounter.

after the condition if, if is true then write that particular row cell in column E

How do you make this work when you are using an IEnumberable from a Regex Matches? My IEnumerable matches is '‘vListingsUrl_Enumerable’ and I’m trying to pass the following as the range in a write cell activity:

“A”+ vListingsUrl_Enumerable.IndexOf(item).ToString

This is causing an error because the IndexOf is not a memberof the System.CollectionsIEnumerable(Of System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match)

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