How to use Vlookup with 2 conditions

Hi All,

I’m trying get the the result using Vlookup, please find the sample as below.

This it the first Data I have in 1st Excel file

This is the second data I have in 2nd Excel file

I want to insert “Position No.” into 1st Excel if the Order No. = OrderNo1 and ItemNo = itemNo1.
Is it possible to get it using VLOOPUP? Appreciate your help on this. Thanks.

@Srini84 @Parth_Doshi

Hi Both Expert, do you guys know how to get this solve? appreciate your help!

Hey @ack940129
not sure about Vlookup but I can help you achieve this using lookup Data table

here is the video link: Adding Specific Columns From One Data Table To Other - YouTube

Thanks for the video.

But this is only for 1 condition which is ID = ID, I have 2 condition, may i know how to do it for my case? Thanks

2 condition as in you want to match order Id and item number as well ?
if yes then just two lookup data table one for order one for item
now if both result =1 then add data else continue to next row or whatever other action you want to perform

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LookUp.xaml (11.2 KB)
May be this can help. change the path and column name as per your need

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Thanks for your help! This is work nicely.
Btw, what to do to replace this “found” to the Position No that I need ya?

This is how I did but I always get the same Position No, do I need to do some assign?


I get what I want by using this

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