Vlookup activity for two different excel


Can anyone help me with the vlookup activity for two different excel ?
In one Excel i.e test 1 I have around 80,000 rows count and column name and status which is blank is there.
In another Excel e.e test 2 I have name with the status column . I have to vlookup for name in test 1 with reference to test 2 and get the status of the name in test 2 Excel and write in status column of test 1 excel.
I tried with vlookup activity but it works with one Excel with different sheets.
I was going for lookup datatable but as row count is large don’t know how much time it will take.
Is there any vlookup vb script for the same or any other suggestions?

hi @OmkarKd

You can do this by writing the data of 2nd excel file onto a secondary sheet,
put formula, use auto fill range, read the data on sheet 1 and write it again so that formula is gonae and you would be having just the values
and then delete the secondary sheet which we created.

Should be fast enough.

Dealing with 2 excels simultaneously, not sure how much time would it take.

Thanks :smiley:

Thanks @adiijaiin for the reply.
Could please send me xaml or screenshot of the same ?
Because I understood copying data in secondary sheet but just want to know about that formula and auto fill range .
It will be really helpful.


Hi @OmkarKd

wouldn’t be able to prepare a xaml or screenshot to you
just write in the second cell of your column wherever you want a value to be written,
and use auto fill range activity.

For example in column D, you have Result:
in D2 column you can write the vlookup formula.
and then use auto fill range.

Hi @adiijaiin

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback…i will work on it.

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