How to use typeinto without indicating element on screen?

Hi Team,

can I use typeinto activity without indicating element on screen as in my automation there is requirement of updating fields on web page dynamically means if web page has 50 elements every time I will get request to update any 5 elements.

I have tried to use typeinto without indicating elelemt but it doesnt work

Is there any other activity available which will typeinto without indicating specific element?

Any suggession on how to automate this use case ?



Without indicating the robot can’t detect the field where to write…

It doesn’t make sense…

But we can use SendHotKey with tabs…

From where you’ll get those values?


Hi @shraddha_joshi
If each web elements had different selectors, then it would be difficult to do that

if each webelement has selector which has some index which is increasing for every field, u can use that to control the number of fields u need to fill

could u share the screenshot of webelements if possible?

Yes , using sendhotkeys and tabs I can reach to that element but after that I want to insert the value using typeinto there I am stuck and that’s the question here.

As it is not known which 5 elements to be updated from the set of 50, the typeinto is failing as it needs to be indicated on screen first .

Any suggestion on this issue ?

Please find below screen shot


If the data is coming from config…

Recently we done the same project where the Selectors may change every time… so we decided to use the hardware events…

We’re reading the data from config sheet and we’re passing those values in the field without using type in to…

In the config sheet create 10 fields… With keys and values

Try this:

Use one if condition and check the condition like this


The above expression will checks the values present in the street key

If found this will executes the then block…
If no data found this will executes the else block

Take Send hot key pass the value like this

SendHotKey-> Pass the In_Config("Street").ToString.Trim In key field

Then Take one more SendHotkey to move to the next TAB

Else Block

Use SendHotKey-TAB

There is no selectors involved… Everything will works with the Hardware events…


A strategy could be to configure a dynamic selector and dynamizing the idx to the field. then with one typeinto with a loop different fields can be populated

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Hello @shraddha_joshi

It would be better if you can share a screenshot of the webpage and the selector from ui explorer for any of the fields.

Instead of using send hotkeys without selector, it would be better to use Type Into activity by making your selector dynamic.

For that the first step is to understand the attribute which shows the position of the field in webpage.
maybe idx or rownum will be there.

Webpage screen shot -

selector -

should be handleable with a

field / mapping config - dtFieldConfig

join on - present fieldID/Value input - dtFieldConfig - out: dtEnterSet

for each - looping over the dtEnterSet

  • switch - dynamized entering for field//dropdown using the dtEnterSet

the attributes to be updated may not be in sequence , that can be any 5 out of 50.

Will dynamic selector help here ?

should not be a blocker, depends on details and on how the flow is setup.

Kindly note: we had implemented similar scenarios a more often time and bots are running sucessfully in production. We focused very strong this approach with dynamized selectors as we were able to reduce the entering part to a minimum number of activities and avoided redundancies.

Hi Peter,

It would be great if you explain with some more details or share link to Uipath documentation for more understanding ?