Can we use single Typeinto activity instead of Multiple

for Ex: I have to fill 15 fields in web form, so can I use single typeinto activity to fill 15 fields

please suggest for this

can you please explain this 15 values into multiple text fieds?

Hi @Harsha_sumi,

It depends on how dynamic the selector is on each field. Like for instance if you have 15 fields and you can depend on innerText dynamic value that contains a unique for each field.

As shown on the image below, here we can depend on innerText and by creating an input value in that activity {{FieldName}} and you can then set this to whatever field you like to type into.

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John MIchael


No, You have to use the different textbox Because every ui element contained different properties and attributes.

It depends on your form that you are going to fill.
Suppose if you want to enter that to a table kind of form, then you can use the rownum or idx to make your selector dynamic and typeinto.

It would be better if you can explain your requirement better.


If the data is same for all fields then you used dynamic selectors otherwise you have to use different activities.

Depending on the UI, yes.

Not practical.


If your problem is solved , marked it as solution for future reference.

@Harsha_sumi Check the below steps

  • Indicate any one field in the web form for Type Into activity
  • Open the selector in UiExplorer. Make sure the selector has aaname, now validate , highlight and save the changes
  • Now, change the aaname to some other field and see if it still highlighting the right element
  • If it is doing that means a single type into activity can be used for all the fields by passing the aaname dynamically through variable

Below link ref for how to pass the variables in selectors