How to use Start Job And Get Reference with NonProduction robot

I am working in Dev and Test Orchestrator tenants that have only Studio and NonProduction licenses assigned to them. I’ve set up a machine template with a NonProduction runtime and see my robot connected and available.

I am able to start a job manually by selecting NonProduction type:
Now I am trying to build an orchestration process that uses the Start Job And Get Reference activity to run another sub process. When it runs, it creates the job with the type Unattended. Since there are no Unattended robots connected, it stays in Pending allocation:
The orchestration process is unable to continue. I can stop and restart the job under the NonProduction type, but that creates a new Job instance, and the orchestration process has resumed with a Stopped job object. This is preventing us from being able to dev, debug and test the orchestration process before promoting it to production, unless we reallocate the production Unattended license into a lower environment.

Is there no way of selecting the job type based on the type of the parent job that’s running the orchestration process or allocating to any available runtimes in the same folder? If would be nice if we could do away with treating these as two different licenses and just set at an orchestrator level if it should be NonProduction.


We’ll try to fix it in 20.10

We don’t know the job type because it may come via API or the user may run multiple jobs in multiple folders. If there is no unattended runtime in the folder and there is at least one non-prod we’ll set it to non-prod.

Thanks I think that should do the job!

I was also wondering what is the best way of testing this at design time if you only had Studio licenses on the tenant? I can debug my orchestration process up until the point it gets suspended, but it will wait forever for that job to complete. It would be cool if the Start Job also started the job on the client side instead of on Orchestrator side when running within Studio. Maybe not a common scenario and I should just get more NonProduction bots