What typ of Robot-License is needed to run a test environment for 'Orchestration Processes'?

Hello @all,

we are running a separated, fully licensed test environment with currently two non-production robot-licenses, in which we test all our newly developed RPA processes and updates before we switch them to production. Unfortunately, we fail on testing ‘Orchestration Processes’.

All the jobs started by the new Orchestration Activities seems to require an unattended robot to run at and so all Test-Jobs get stuck in “Pending” state, looking for an unattended Robot License.

Any Ideas how can we solve this problem without buying unattended Robot licenses for our testing environment?

non production licenses work as unattended. so you shouldn’t have any issues with that.
Maybe you forgot add new robots to environment ?

Our System-Setup should be ok. We’re working with Modern Folders using machine templates. The testing environment isn’t a new build and our problems are limited to jobs started by the new “Orchestration Process” technique.

Maybe it could be a version-based problem? Due to unsolved issues, we are still “stuck” on an older version.

In our environment, running an on-premise Orchestrator Version 2020.4.3, all newly created Orchestration Processes (Job out of Job) do request an unattended License, showing Source ‘Manual’, although they were started from a Process and not by hand.

@pikorpa Sorry for my late Response.