How to use select item activity for design form

I was advised by a user here to use select item activity for the select box in the design form activity. But he subsequently stop replying. Would really help if someone could coach me on how to perform this step.
Just for context, the select box contains all twelve months and I would like it to auto check the month the robot was ran in by default.

Thank you.

In the form designer, setup the dropdown list key and value accordingly.

In the workflow, add the dropdown list property name to the FormFieldsCollection and parse current month to the form

Thanks for the help. Is it possible to pass the month value in lowercase of MMM format?

Yes. Then in your dropdownlist component value need to be MMM as well.

I tried passing in the date and it works. But now I have trouble passing out the select data as the property name is already in used and I would like it to pass out as a dictionary. How do I resolve this?

Error: There’s already an argument named ‘month’ defined. Please choose another name.

Just change the FormFieldsCollection variable direction to “In/Out”

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