To select the month in dropdown list from month number

hi, am new to uipath, could anybody help me to select a month in dropdown list as i have in format as 2007-02-25,

Hi @Prasaanth_S,

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if the date is in format 2007-02-25, supposing in a variable say date1 you can write something like
date1.ToString(“MM”) this will give you the month value which you can pass in activity accordingly.



Can we type the date manually in the select date field? Also you can try using the type into activity activating the AlterOfDisable and simulate propietaries, in the text to write pass the date you need in the proper format


hi thanks, i got and run it by passing the below expression

can you add picture of drop down?


Hi @Prasaanth_S

You can try with Select Item activity

Pass the Expression as



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