Select Current month on the dropdown menu


I would like my automation to select the current month from the dropdown menu. How do I do that? Attached is the dropdown menu I need to work on.


Hi @Ralph_Sena,

Does the Select Item activity work? For example, if you use select item and type “Jun”, can it be selected?

If yes;

Use this to generate this string value.

value = now.ToString(“MMM”)


Hi @muhammedyuzuak,

Yes, it does work when I type “Jun” robot also selected “Jun”.

Sorry, I’m a beginner. What string value I need to write?


You can test it by logging into the menu item area.

Hello @Ralph_Sena

Is it a select element? If yes, you can use the Select Item activity.

In the item you can give. now.ToString(“MMM”). If its not working, try to record it using App/Web recorder, then you will get an idea on how to select the month dynamically.

try this

Hi @mu_nazza,

This is my current work flow, but it gives me an error.

I put click activity first to show all the dropdown list and then a Select Menu item Activity and add value now.ToString(“MMM”).

Write Capital MMM Like this.

This is now working.

I use lower case now.ToString(“mmm”) instead of upper case “MMM”. hehehe.

Thank you All.
Happy Automating.

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