Generate Yearly Report facing issue at selecting Month

arr_months = {“January”,“February”,“March”,“April”,“May”,“June”,“July”,“August”,“September”,“October”,“November”,“December”}

For select Item I have given same Variable but showing error.

System1_DownloadMonthlyReports.xaml: System.ArgumentException: Variable already declared: ‘month’

Hi @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula , Change the variable name (Month) and try it

Hi @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula Did you use a for each loop to go through each value in the array and then select the current item with a Select Item activity?
I hope your Str_month variable is the currentitem in your for each loop right?

Hi @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula, Kindly check whether dropdown name and your value name are same or not, Compare those two in message box

Hi @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula, I think you are currently doing the UiPath assignment, On that area I cant able use the select item activity, but for u its working. Not an issue check my previous suggestion, It may be a spelling mistake.


For Select item we have to give .ToString then it will work.

Thanks for the react.

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