In Recording...Mouse Right Click Should Be Recorded Instead of Stopping Recording

You can assign stop / pause the recording event to any other hotkey. But it must be removed from right-click. I request UI path team to once search on Google “UIPath right click” You will found hundreds of requests from hundreds of people. Right-click is commonly used activity in most of all process recordings. You should not reserve this for stopping recording.
Thanks… think about thousands of customers convenience.

I dont know what mindset UIPath developer have but your most of cusotmers dont want to stop recording on right click. They want to record right click so they can select the submenu and can do other lots of things. its very bad idea to stop recording on right click.

You can still automate it by following steps:

  1. Left click
  2. Pause
  3. Right click so that you have submenu
  4. Continue with your steps.

You can change step1 left click to right click.

I think to exit from right click is much easier and also >90% of the processes does not have right clicks in it.
Its good to have, may be me can add press F6 to record right click as well. So that if user wants to record right click, he will press the function key and continue with the process.

Yes @Rocki_Jan we achieve this in your way. But its make our recording process slower & and take much time.

What about if UI Path have an option in setting where we can set if we want to exit from recording on right click otherwise on ESC click. Got me ? There should be a setting which allow us to continue recording on right click or exit recording.

I am not able to work on Right click activity and select the items from Context menu. Please let me know any solution to perform right click and select from Context menu in UI path.